Are you resposnsible for managing premises with a hot and cold water system?

Are you aware of the current legislation?

Do you know what you need to have in place to be compliant?

If you are resposnible for managing premises with a hot and cold water system then you have a legal obligation to conduct a risk assessment to identify and minimise contamination and harmful bacterial growth such as Legionella.

Here at Assured Water Treatment we are able to offer you a complete service giving you complete peace of mind. One of our qualified risk assessors shall attend your site to carry out a thorough investigation of your water system and undergo a comprehensive site survey.

Upon completion of the site survey we willl supply you with an in-depth report which we shall go through with you step by step. The report shall identify any action required in order of priority. We will also explain to you how to be compliant with government legislation and ensure what on-going monitoring is required in order to stay compliant.

All our reports are in an easy to read format and every help is given by us to ensure you fully understand the findings of the risk assessment and the recommendations given.